Monday, August 10, 2009

San Juan Capistrano

(May 28, 2009) We were up early, ate breakfast and showered so we could get on the road to San Juan Capistrano.  As I mentioned a couple entries back, we stopped there on the way to the campground but the mission was closed for the day. 

Once we got parked, we strolled down the block toward the mission.  I soon discovered that this little town of San Juan Capistrano is a place you could spend a couple days exploring.  The first place we stopped  was ‘The Old Barn Antiques Mall’  stall after stall (10,000 sq feet)  rented by different folks to sell their wares  on consignment.  Most of the items were antiques and/or collectibles. We spent maybe 45 minutes in there and just barely got inside the door.  It’s one of those places where you keep seeing things and you say to yourself “I remember grandma had one of those” or “mom had one of those when I was a kid, I wonder what happened to it?” 

We continued on crossing the street to the main entrance of the mission.  Founded in 1776, this mission is the seventh on the mission chain.  Called the “Jewel of the Missions” it occupies a 10 acre site.  There’s a central courtyard, many museum rooms and displays. The Sierra Chapel is one of the oldest buildings in California.  The ruins of the Great Stone Church are also found inside the Mission walls.  It was almost completely destroyed in an earthquake during Sunday morning service in 1812 killing 42 Native American worshippers. 

May June 2009 vacation281

Pictured with this plaque is one of the Mission Bells seen along Highway 101  denoting the route created in the late 1700’s to connect the Missions (El Camino Real~The Kings Highway)

May June 2009 vacation282

May June 2009 vacation283

May June 2009 vacation284

The wheel pictured below was used to grind olives into oil.

May June 2009 vacation285

This is an example of the huts the Native American’s from this area lived in.

May June 2009 vacation286

May June 2009 vacation287

May June 2009 vacation289 

Some pictures depicting the rooms that the early folks used for living quarters. After seeing these cots ~ I will never again complain about an uncomfortable bed.

May June 2009 vacation290

May June 2009 vacation291

May June 2009 vacation292

May June 2009 vacation293

These were the ovens used to bake the mission’s bread.

May June 2009 vacation294

May June 2009 vacation297


May June 2009 vacation299May June 2009 vacation298

Some vintage garden tools below

May June 2009 vacation300

Sitting on a bench in a cool passage way~a beautiful view of the gardens.

May June 2009 vacation303

A diorama featuring the first baptism at this mission.

May June 2009 vacation304

May June 2009 vacation306

The beautiful Sierra Chapel. Mass was first celebrated here in 1783.

May June 2009 vacation308

May June 2009 vacation309

Looking towards the back of the chapel

May June 2009 vacation310

May June 2009 vacation311

All of the missions seem to have their own cemeteries.  Looking at some of the headstones, you know this place has been here a long time.

May June 2009 vacation314 

Some resting places are very crude….

May June 2009 vacation313 May June 2009 vacation315

The Bell Wall

May June 2009 vacation319

May June 2009 vacation321

Below are some of southern California’s beautiful Jacaranda Trees with their purple flowers.  I love them & wish they would grow in the Pacific Northwest.

May June 2009 vacation324

May June 2009 vacation326

Below are a few pictures of the original buildings that were pretty much destroyed in an 1812 earthquake.  They’ve done a great job of carrying for the portions that didn’t collapse, killing over 40 people.

May June 2009 vacation329

May June 2009 vacation330

May June 2009 vacation331

May June 2009 vacation333

Our day here is almost over….

May June 2009 vacation332

May June 2009 vacation334

May June 2009 vacation337

May June 2009 vacation338

May June 2009 vacation339

Just before we left the mission grounds we came upon this tree.  I’m sorry, I can’t remember the name of it but I don’t imagine any little boy would ever try climbing it.  Ouch….

May June 2009 vacation340

If you ever get to southern California, I hope you’ll take a day and visit San Juan Capistrano.  It’s truly a beautiful place……..


  1. Thanks for taking us through San Juan Capistrano, Linda. I have been to California several times, but until now, I had never seen this mission. It was very interesting.

  2. LOL, I wouldn't want to see someone try to climb that tree either!!!

    It looks like such a gorgeous place to see in person. Those beds are tiny, can't imagine sleeping on one of them. I liked the picture of the lizard. Looks like a great day and a good time.

  3. you captured the mission very well, Linda; great descriptions of it and fantastic pictures! loved the one with the lizard, cute! I have to agree about that tree; surely would be uncomfortable to climb


  4. (((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))Very beatiful,now,I am thinking I shouldnt complain about sleeping in my comfy bed after seeing what they slept on.I love reding all about your Journeys.I hope that someday,I ill get to travel like you,even thoe,I been to a few places,I would like to travel and look at all the places,were they came from,ect.Thanks.Hve a nice evening,

  5. We've past by a couple of times but have never stopped... I will have to tell hubby... What a beautiful place... many a school project has been done on the California missions with the boys.. :)


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