Tuesday, July 28, 2009

San Diego’s Sea World Part 2

(May 27, 2009)  The day was very long, and we were both disappointed that there were some areas we just didn’t have time to see. I really want to go back someday….so we can see those missed sections.  This park is so beautiful!  It’s clean and well laid out.  The staff are knowledgeable and courteous.  Now for the rest of out day~

the sting rays were in a pool low enough to touch them.  They are cool and rubbery feeling.

May June 2009 vacation183

May June 2009 vacation184

May June 2009 vacation186

May June 2009 vacation189

May June 2009 vacation197

May June 2009 vacation201

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May June 2009 vacation204

May June 2009 vacation208

May June 2009 vacation212

May June 2009 vacation216

May June 2009 vacation215

May June 2009 vacation217

May June 2009 vacation221

May June 2009 vacation224 

May June 2009 vacation233

they’ve trained the killer whales to purposely splash the crowd~we were up above the “splash zone”

May June 2009 vacation230

May June 2009 vacation245

May June 2009 vacation246

May June 2009 vacation253

SeaWorld closed at 6pm this day.  We left there and worked our way down to North Harbor Drive to the Maritime Museum. We had two brief visits to that area when we were there on a cruise ship last year.  So were happy to have the opportunity to take our time this particular evening.  We got some dinner at an open air seafood place.  And then headed down the sidewalk to see the sights.

The beautiful Star of India, launched in 1863 and remains the oldest ship in the world that still maintains a regular sailing schedule.  She’s been on San Diego’s waterfront for 75 years.

May June 2009 vacation257

May June 2009 vacation258Pictured below is the HMS Surprise, a replica of a late 18th century Royal Navy frigate. She was in the film “Master and Commander.”

May June 2009 vacation259

Below is the USS Dolphin. The Dolphin, a research submarine, was launched in 1968 and is reported to be the deepest diving submarine in the world.  However, the actual depth is a Navy secret.

May June 2009 vacation260

Pictured below is the 1904 steam yacht, the Medea.  The world’s wealthy elite preferred this way of water travel.  She has been restored to her original glory with hand sawn oak, polished teak and authentic furnishings. May June 2009 vacation262Some folks walking by thought this guy was a statue.  Not so…he scared many people with sudden movements~we watched him for a long time….very entertaining.  May June 2009 vacation263May June 2009 vacation265 And that concludes our day in San Diego.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves…….

Future entries; San Juan Capistrano Mission, Santa Monica Pier, Crater Lake, Oregon…..


  1. I love the pictures of Sea World, what is that crazy fish the first turtle? That is wild looking. I couldn't stop looking at him!! I thought that was a statue too, I bet that did freak people out when he moved. I would love to see Sea World after seeing these pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

  2. (after) the first turtle is what my comment should say. Sorry.

  3. Some day we will be back and get to see Sea World. Enjoyed your pictures!

  4. you took great pictures at Sea World with the sting rays, etc, Linda! you captured them very nicely!

    next time I'm down where the ships are, I'll have to see if that man is entertaining around there; he looks like he would be a great show!


  5. Hi Linda! I'm now catching up with my emails, we have had so much going on here. I love reading about your trips, it really makes me want to visit the places too!
    Hope you're well,
    Pat, in Kent, England

  6. It sounds like you were having a wonderful time, Linda. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  7. There is so much to see in San Diego... we've been to Sea World, the zoo, animal park, Balboa park, the submarine, can't remember what it's called, lol, we ran out of time to go on the ships too... We want to go back some time too... Plus these are the pictures that were lost when the computer crashed... :(
    Have a cool day!
    We are only going to see 100 the rest of the week and maybe 99 by the weekend... :)

  8. Great pictures. In NYC they have living statues in the shop windows to sell the clothes. They hire dancers for it because they can hold an extension for a long time. One day I saw a woman almost in hysterics when the man moved. And there was an angel all in white in front of the Metroplitan Museum in NY. She didn't move until she saw my friend. I think she took a shine to him but couldn't break her pose to talk. Too bad. Occupational hazard. D

  9. Linda your photos of sea world are absolutely beautiful. So well done you feel like your there at Sea World yourself. This makes me very much want to visit Sea World one day. The man I am very familiar with. Along the Sydney Harbour near the famous bridge and Operah House, there is a boardwalk, and I happened to see this very man himself there on the boardwalk he was amazing, they had many mimes that day doing different things, but I always remembered him, being so much like a statue one would never guess he was real. Truly worth seeing, thank you again for taking us on your journey with you, it means so very much to me.


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