Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Pictures Of The Los Angeles Area

(May/June 2009) Frequently while we are in southern California, we are driving here and there and I usually always have my camera with me. So I’m taking pictures like crazy. This entry is going to feature some of those random shots.

The famous Pasadena In-N-Out. It is amazing, no matter what time of day or night you go there, cars are lined up, in two rows to get to the drive up window. They usually have staff walking along the cars taking orders so that hopefully your order will be ready shortly after you finally get to the window. There’s no indoor seating, just a few tables outside…which are normally taken.

sept-oct 2008 vacation22

This building is not too far from the Santa Monica Pier. I loved the beautiful bougainvillea growing around the wall.

May June 2009 vacation407

Another southern California favorite of mine are the beautiful Jacaranda trees with their purple flowers.

May June 2009 vacation110

Southern California has so many beautiful trees. This tree lined street heads up the hill to the home of Bob’s daughter & family.

sept-oct 2008 vacation20

Angels Flight in downtown Los Angeles. First opened in 1901 running until 1969. They redeveloped the area and it reopened in 1996. In 2001 there was a serious accident on the tramway and it has been closed ever since. Work continues and they hope to have it up and running again soon.

Ensenada mexico Oct 2008142

The lovely campus of Pasadena City College. Both of Bob’s grandkids are taking classes here.

May June 2009 vacation112

A couple views of the Los Angeles skyline.

May June 2009 vacation410

May June 2009 vacation408

Self explanatory….

May June 2009 vacation130

Philippe’s home of the original French dip sandwich and they are good.

May June 2009 vacation93

May June 2009 vacation87

You stand in line to order and then find a place to sit at the long tables. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever but their French Dip is worth the wait.

May June 2009 vacation89

The Pasadena Trader Joe’s was the original store. Not this building but Pasadena is where it originated. May June 2009 vacation62

This building is just a couple blocks from Olvera Street

May June 2009 vacation95

May June 2009 vacation94

Some of the Olvera Street shops.May June 2009 vacation97

May June 2009 vacation98

May June 2009 vacation99

A church very near Olvera Street

May June 2009 vacation102

If you ever take Amtrak to Los Angeles, you’ll end up here at the Union Depot.

May June 2009 vacation103

May June 2009 vacation411

White Oleander~beautiful but deadly.

May June 2009 vacation65

Thanks again…next entry we head north towards home.


  1. all great pictures Linda! I'll have to check out where that Philippe's is; sounds delicious!


  2. I've never been out that way but the pictures sure do beckon.


  3. The In & Out Burger & Philippes was on diners, drive ins & dives on the food channle.
    wow just read up on the White oleander plan, very oisonous

  4. These photos were really deja vu for me. I could not get over the beauty of the bougainvillea and jacaranda when I first went to L.A. We used to go to Olvera street about once a year. We did not live far from Pasadena and one year went to the Rose Parade. We tried to make all the sights and events we could because we did not know how long we would be living there. The San Fernando quake drove me back to Arizona!

  5. I always love to see bougainvillea and Jacaranda trees when I go on holiday. The Jacaranda trees grow all over Madagascar and look so pretty although photos never seem to do them justice. Thanks for sharing your photos and facts about Los Angeles! Jeannette xx

  6. Great pics!


  7. Hi Linda, loved the pictures. I liked the LA skyline. Never been there.

  8. I would have expected the LA skyline to be much bigger. Too bad about the tram closing closing down after the accident. My gosh those In & Out burgers must be good to have lines like that!! I really enjoyed seeing the scenery.

  9. (((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))Very lovly,I love the trees,I would love to eat at thoes places.Do you ever feel any earth quakes?

  10. Hi Linda, It looks so beautiful there, I wish I was there too! The Jacaranda tree is lovely as is the oleander. I didn`t realise they are deadly though!

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  11. Lovely photos you got there Linda. I haven't been to California since mid-80's. San Diego area. I love the trees and historic photos best. Even the church looks great. Take care. :)Nancy

  12. I have been going through all the lovely shots. Don't you just love to travel.


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