Monday, July 13, 2009

San Diego Here We Come !

(May 26, 27 & 29, 2009) There were so many projects going on at the home of Bob’s daughter & son in law, we really shouldn’t have left there for this little side trip to San Diego…….but we’d made the reservations at a campground in San Clemente (home of Ronald Reagan) so we went ahead & left Pasadena for a few days. We stayed in a campground there before but couldn’t remember the name of the campground….so we took a chance when we made these reservations. On the way we pulled off the freeway in San Juan Capistrano.

May June 2009 vacation132

I really wanted to see the mission there. We found a huge parking lot just a block off the main drag and walked up to a place to get some dinner.

May June 2009 vacation133

The food was wonderful~and the open air eating area was so nice…we sat at a beautiful tiled table.

May June 2009 vacation136

May June 2009 vacation134

This place was just across from the mission and we found out that the mission had closed at 5pm and we were there about 5:15pm so that visit would have to wait for another day.

After eating, we did walk around a little and found San Juan Capistrano a delightful community.

May June 2009 vacation135

May June 2009 vacation140

A view of the mission from Pedro’s where we were eating.

May June 2009 vacation137

We’ll be back for a visit at the mission.

May June 2009 vacation142

May June 2009 vacation144

May June 2009 vacation145

May June 2009 vacation146

Back in the truck and heading south on Interstate 5, we were anxious to get to the campground & get settled. We arrived at San Clemente State Beach and realized immediately that this was not the campground we’d been to before. Bob had said he hoped that we were heading for the right campground because he didn’t want to pull in to some fancy place where there were million dollar motor homes all around us. Well, it happened… we pulled into Space 66, our neighbor’s in Space 65 nearly fit the bill.

May June 2009 vacation150

We need have a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and I explained to Bob, that we had all we needed in his older Chinook camper that those folks had in their big, fancy motor home. The sunset was incredible !

May June 2009 vacation148

May June 2009 vacation147

We could hear the ocean crashing on the beach below us and seals barking to each other. I could have set outside all night listening to the surf.

May June 2009 vacation149

The next morning as we drove thru the campground, I snapped some pictures of the different trees & flowers.

May June 2009 vacation151

May June 2009 vacation152

May June 2009 vacation153

May June 2009 vacation155

May June 2009 vacation156

May June 2009 vacation267

You cannot imagine how many shots I took before I got the picture below. Let’s just say my shutter finger was getting sore. LOL!!!

May June 2009 vacation268

As we left the campground this Wednesday (May 27, 2009) morning, we were both anxious to reach our planned destination of San Diego’s Sea World.

Just a note~the campground we were hoping to stay in again was the San Mateo Campground. Most sites are very private and the restrooms are clean. We found it on our way back to Pasadena and made a note of it, so we can stay there again someday.



  1. Love the swallows and the beaches. Glad you had a nice trip.

  2. beautiful pictures of the sunset, Linda! I'll have to check out Pedro's the next time we are over in San Juan; sounds yummy!


  3. This part of your trip was so amazing to me, I have only ever heard of San Juan Capistrano and the Mission. You have brought this to life for me and your pictures of this area and the excellent pics of the flowers and trees were superb. Thank you again for taking us on your trip. God bless.

  4. wow what great pics thanks for sharing

  5. Fun side trip! Love the pictures! I could see how Dr. Suess got his ideas for the plants in his books from the area!

  6. It's fun reading about your travels. This is MY stomping ground! Hope you got to see the Mission. It's really nice to see.

  7. Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip! Thanks for stopping by Linda :-)

  8. What wonderful photos, as usual.You descriptions are better than Zaggots (sp?) I'm packed and ready to go. Rich has been looking at campers. I told him hold up, buckaroo.We're a little ways from retirement. LOL Not THAT far. He's on 4 weeks vacay now & everyone wants to do something different. I want just he & I to go somewhere (we NEED a getaway), but then we wnat to take the girls to an aquarium & Tom's still out of work so that would work. But our OLDEST son is off for a week starting Friday & he wants us all to go up KC way. I have a nephew & his wife & son up there. They have riverboat gambling & a lot of fun things to do in the area. But I don't know about 3 families & 4 kids. I told them all to go & I'd stay home. LOLOL
    Thanks for sharing your travels with us.
    Hugs, Barb *queenb

  9. It was still a wonderful campground to stay in... and Bob's camper is just perfect.... too much upkeep and expense for those big fancy ones... :)

  10. Pedros Tacos looks like the kind of place I would enjoy. Those trees are crazy looking - funny how they grow in such a contorted fashion. Looks like a pretty town and your pictures capture it well.

    I have to say the motor home in the picture is pretty nice! I've often said if (IF) I am ever not here on the farm I would buy one of them, live in it and just wander the country seeking warm weather. I doubt that will ever happen but it's fun to think about it.

  11. What wonderful pictures, I would love to be able to visit places like that. I found you on Monae's journal so thought I would stop by and say hello.

  12. Linda thanks for taking me along with you I really enjoyed this trip and the pictures are lovely ~ Ally x


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