Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Will We Get To Pasadena By This Evening?

After a delicious pancake breakfast at Mc Donald's, we continued south on Highway 101. After awhile we came to beautiful Pismo Beach. It was so beautiful, we pulled into the public parking area, Bob put enough money into the slot for us to have 90 minutes on the pier or on the beach. It was absolutely beautiful there. Sit back, relax and imagine the warm sun, a slight breeze, the beauty of the Pacific ocean ~ sand & surf, the seagulls, the surfers, the people playing on the beach.....just let your mind take you away and you'll know what sort of day it was.

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There's such a beautiful sloping beach here at Pismo Beach.

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Those dark spots are not seals~those are surfers, waiting for the perfect wave.

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This little place is about mid-way on the pier. You can rent a fishing rod, get a snack, even a postcard here.

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There is now a fine for feeding the pigeons and seagulls at Pismo Beach. They produce hundreds of pounds of waste which causes diseases and ruins the wood pier.

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This pretty little church is on the National Historic Registry.

We reluctantly walk back to the truck and get back on the freeway. I had been looking for my sunglasses all day so when we got to Oxnard we pulled off the freeway and went into Wal Mart so I could get some new clip on sunglasses that fit my glasses. They are so expensive~I think they were $16 and would you believe I later found my old ones. Oh well, now I have two pair so should never be without them.

Meanwhile, we're in rush hour traffic and the going is so slow. I think we saw the first Pasadena sign ~

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but it would be two hours before we actually got to the home of Bob's daughter & family.

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It was good to be off the freeway and heading up the tree lined streets toward their house.

We pulled up to the gate and called for them to open it at about 7pm.

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It was so good to see everyone, they came running out and there were hugs all around. Bob's daughter, Hope had some dinner ready and we gladly sat down to feed our faces.

We checked our mileage....we'd driven 1,380 miles since we left my house in Washington state.


  1. Lovely. Just don't put the new pair of sun glasses where you put the old pair, you should be okay.

  2. Linda, that is a lot of miles in a coyple of days. Nice bech scenes and pictures. You haven't lost your touch with your travelogues. Great job, Bill

  3. The beach looks wonderful. All the photo's are great (except the traffic...lol). I could use a beach about now. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Joyce

  4. Wow, I'm even tired from this trip.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I am really enjoying traveling with you. Thanks for sharing. Love all the pictures, I would love to be on a warm beach now, I would also like to see the redwoods.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I LOVE Pismo Beach!! Thanks for sharing your pics!!!

  7. Pismo Beach is sooo pretty! glad you took the time to stop and enjoy the view and take some great pictures! I bet you were so glad to get to Bob's daughter's house!


  8. Your first paragraph was heaven to read ,and then the rest of the journey including the beach for a while wow delightful ..love Jan xx

  9. Linda I am enjoying your trip just as much as you did ~ thanks for all the lovely pictures ~ Pismo Beach looks wonderful ~ Ally x

  10. Everyone has been to Pismo Beach but me, lol....
    So glad you arrived safely...
    Awaiting news of the visit... :)

  11. Hi, Linda...thanks for signing my guestbook...I'm a little confused because the map says you are in Cleveland Ohio...weird.... Maria

  12. Pismo Beach looks like a slice of paradise! You can't beat a beach for complete relaxation can you? I'm so glad you managed to get to Pasadena on time to enjoy dinner with Hope. I bet it was nice to sit in a real home after days on the road?! Jeannette xx

  13. Beach looks great! Several people told me I had to see Pismo beach before we left CA and we never made it there. :(

  14. Hello I am new at this.Love your traveling photos, they're beautiful..I missed traveling myself.My folks had a motor home years ago.MY folks are in their seventies and had to stop traveling.Yes, they enjoyed every bit of it. My Dad want to go to Alaska. They couldn't travel in the motor home.Maybe next year..The only two places they haven't gone to were Alaska and Hawaii..Thanks for sharing your photos and I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend.

  15. I have always heard about Pismo Beach but never saw it - it looks like a wonderful place to be.


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