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September 24, 2008

As we left the campground I noticed a pretty little tree lined pond~another photo opportunity!

We continued south on Highway 101 passing thru the Oregon Dunes area. It's incredible to see these huge sand dunes...more like hills rather than ordinary sand dunes. This area goes on for miles...
Our next stop was The Old Mill Casino in Coos Bay. We stopped for breakfast and only breakfast (just wanted to make that clear~LOL)
After breakfast I suggested we stop at the big Myrtlewood Gift shop in Coos Bay. I had a few things in mind for Christmas gifts. Myrtlewood is America's most beautiful hardwood. The unique wood from this tree varies in color from a deep rich brown to silver, gray, red and even yellow. These trees are very rare and in America are only found along the southern Oregon and northern California coastline.

The next picture is one I got from Google of a Myrtlewood Tree
As we continued on Bob said, "oh my, did you see that?" No, I hadn't seen he found a place to turn around~back we went about 1/2 a mile and then he turned up this gravel road and stopped the truck. We got out and walked around a Forest Service gate and looked out onto a valley that was so pretty. (Another photo opportunity)
Beautiful, just beautiful!
After passing the little town of Bandon,

we arrived in Port Orford. There's a street in Port Orford that offers a spectacular view of the ocean. There's even a big sign painted on the street~"Ocean View" with a big arrow. We usuallu like to sit there for awhile and take in the view but on this day the wind was blowing so hard we didn't stick around very long.
they pull their boats up on land here when they are not using them.

There's a beautiful mosaic bench here, where you can sit and look out at the ocean...but again it was very windy & cold so we didn't stick around long enough to sit & enjoy the view.

Later in the afternoon we pulled into Humbug Mountain State Campground to take a shower. We had to pay $2 each here because we had not camped there. We could have showered early this morning but it was so cold & the shower room were not heated so we decided to pass on showers until later in the day. The shower at Humbug felt great! As we continued south we came to another one of my favorite places on the Oregon coast~Gold Beach, Oregon. This charming little town sits in a stragic spot....right where the Rogue River empties into the Pacific Ocean. A haven for fisherman and also a great place to take a jet boat ride up the Rogue River. They run the jet boats up and down the river during the summer months..I've done it several times here and it's a blast! It was still very windy when we stopped here but we got out and walked around to the front of Jot's Resort and watched the fisherman bring in their catch (salmon & big ones!) Hungry seagulls and seals waited in anticipation for a fishy treat. At this point we were about 25 miles north of the California border.

Some fisherman bringing in their catch.

Jonathon Seagull waiting for fish innards.
from the river side of Jot's Resort you can look across the bay at the beautiful bridge that crosses the Rogue River.
Shortly after crossing the border into California, we stopped at a vista point (Califronia's term for view point) just past Crescent City, CA. You drive right thru town but it's always fun to stop here and look back at the city.
When you come to the bridge that crosses the Klamath River you'll see 4 large golden bears (two on each end) that sit on each side of the bridge. They are so pretty and are the symbol that Claifornia even uses on their state flag.

Then in Klamath, CA is the infamous Trees of Mystery. You can't miss the big Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox sitting at the back of the parking lot.

We only stopped here to stretch our legs and take the pictures. Both of us have gone up into the Trees of Mystery display area on several occasions. As we entered the town of Eureka, CA I happened to glance over to my right and I saw the top of a very interesting building. I pointed it out to Bob and he started heading in that general direction. In all the times we've driven thru the old gold rush town, we've never noticed this place before. After snaking around thru a neighborhood we finally came to this breath taking mansion.

Built in 1884-86 for William Carson this house has a spectacular view of the harbor in Eureka. Mr Carson came to Eureka to get in on the gold rush. But by the time he got there it was pretty much over. So instead, he went into the lumber business. When this home was being built, if the season was slow in his lumber mills, he would hire the workers to work on the house so he wouldn't have to lay them off. Across the street is "The Pink Lady" the home Mr Carson built for his son and new daughter in law as a wedding gift. This home is now occupied by a group of architects and the main Carson home is the site of a privtate men's Masonic group.
Bob was determined to camp in the Redwood this night, It was 8pm and pitch dark by the time we pulled into Burlington Campground right smack dab in the middle of the giant Redwoods. It was quite an adventure helping Bob get the truck backed into a narrow campsite in the pitch black and not stumble over the picnic table or the fire pit or have the truck back into a tree. One adventure I don't ever care to repeat !


  1. With all this scenic veiws and travel i'm going to take a nap!

  2. I bet it was one of the best $2.00 you spent to take a shower :)

    loved the pictures; haven't been in that part of California for a bit; we were in Eureka years ago; I remember those houses and Eureka had a particular smell that no other city had; I think it was something with whatever their industry was that I'm having a senior moment remembering; it was pretty though (the town)

    so fun to read of your travel adventures!


  3. Love these! That mosaic wall is so pretty and I swear that giant lumber jack was in a commercial on tv!!

  4. Linda, this is my first visit to this blog. Your photos are spectacular! How lucky you are to have seen all of these beautiful places.

    You're one lucky woman to have Bob. He actually turned around and drove back to see a beautiful site. My husband would have said, "Did you see that?" I would say, "No." He'd say, "Too bad, it was awesome." LOL

    Hugs, Kathy

  5. You've brought back some wonderful old memories for me Linda. I was stationed at Travis AFB for a while and visited the redwoods and left my heart in San Fran some 40 years ago. Wonderful photo's. i love this journal.
    Hugs, Joyce

  6. One of these days, I'm going to make it to CA...your photos and this entry make me want to make it sooner than later. That "stump" was anything but a stump! lol

  7. Great pictures, and what an adventure. Is there anything you DIDN'T see?

  8. The scenic shots are gorgeous. I would love to see the sights you have seen.

  9. Both Chuck and I would like to be going on a holiday right NOW but for the time being your pictures will have to satisfy our travel bug.
    We do plan on seeing you towards the end of August so if there are times when you are not available let me know and we will work our schedule around it.
    My friend in Seaside should be back home by then.


    ALBERTA Lori

  10. Linda, thank you for the complete journey/adventure.

    "Moose Munch"?


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