Friday, November 6, 2009

Cape Flattery

(August 2009) If you look at a map of Washington state, you’ll see that far northwest tip of the state. It’s actually the farthest northwest point of the contiguous United States. That was our next destination.

Cape Flattery sits on a point of land where the Strait of Juan de Fuca empties into the Pacific ocean. This area falls within the boundaries of the Makah Indian Reservation and is the northern boundary of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. The Makah’s have done a marvelous job of preserving this beautiful area as well as making it accessible to the thousands of visitors during the year. However, during the winter months it would truly be a miserable hike out to the Cape, since the trail goes out thru the rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula. Since we were there in August, it was warm and dry and beautiful!

To get to the Cape Flattery trail head you have to follow Highway 112 thru the towns of Seiku (see-q) (this is where Bob goes fishing with his retired plumber buddies) and then the native American town of Neah Bay. It’s a narrow, two lane highway along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. On a clear day you can see the outline of Vancouver Island, British Columbia across the Strait. As we traveled along this day we also saw some of the locals….

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200990

This mom and her twins seemed to think this was their territory so we slowed down and let them take their time.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200993

They headed up into someone’s yard to munch on their flowers, no doubt.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200998

They claim the trail is one half mile long……both Bob and I disagreed. We think it’s probably closer to a mile. We’ve both here before and walked the trail but we were both younger and more fit. Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200995

At first it was an easy stroll. It did become a little more difficult but the beauty of our surroundings helped us to continue on.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200996

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200997

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200999

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009100

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009103Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009101

In some places the dirt trail gave way to a boardwalk trail.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009104

In other places is was a little rough.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009109

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009127

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009128

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009129

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009130

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009131

At about this point my right knee was starting to scream and the trail was only getting worse. So it was here that I found a nice log in the shade to sit on and gave Bob my camera. I hated not making it out to the Cape but we both agreed that if I messed up my knee it would be a nightmare getting back up to the truck. I had walked about 2/3 of the way by this time.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009125

The pictures from here on were taken on my camera by Bob. Next time I’ll wear better shoes and take a walking stick.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009102

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009105

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009114 Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009113Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009115

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009108Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009106

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009117

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009134

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009124

And the one big thing I missed by not going out to the end of the trail. A large gray whale was frolicking in the water, just off the shore and right below the overlook.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009121

It was an exhilarating day, I was disappointed that my bad knee held me from reaching the end of the trail. But while I was sitting and waiting on that log, I enjoyed the beauty of the forest around me and also really enjoyed visiting with those who were coming and going on the trail. Many took advantage of my large comfortable perch to sit and catch their breath. When Bob came back up the trail huffing and puffing, he sat and rested for a few minutes and then we made our way back to the truck. At the trail head we looked back down the path at the beautiful natural forest where we had just spent several hours.

Heading back to Port Angeles we pulled into Neah Bay. Besides being a native American community, it’s a great destination for avid fishermen.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009135

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009136

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009137

Back in Port Angeles we checked into our spot in the far corner of Albertson’s parking lot. It had been a long day and we were so tired.

To be continued~


  1. Cool pictures. I like trails and things like that. Always have, even as a kid. How neat to see the deer walking so close.


  2. Oh Linda, what a beautiful spot! I am sorry that you were not able to go all the way because of your knee, but Bob did a really great job of taking pictures in your place! How lovely. Makes me want to visit that part of the world even more! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hi, Linda, what a fitting entry for November. It is Native American Heritage Month. What a great view from Cape Flattery off that trail. Hope your knee is better and your husband was really wonderful to take the photos for you. I'll have to get out there some day and take some photos of my own. I think I'll wait for August..:) TAke Care, Maria

  4. Hi Linda,
    I'll have to post this as an 'anonymous' otherwise it takes me ages to sort it out!
    I love reading about your trips with Bob and this was no exception, it's a shame your knee stopped you from getting to the Cape but you might have done more damage as you say. The photos are lovely as usual, thanks for putting this on here! Love, Pat in Kent, England

  5. Nice description of a good walk, pity that your knee did not permit you to finish it. Good for Bob to take pics for you. Looking forward to more.

  6. Oh Linda, what beautiful scenery, it reminds me so much of our trip to Canada last year when of course we stayed in Victoria, Vancouver Island. The terrain was so similar. I suppose though you aren`t that far away. You are so lucky to have seen a grey whale. We had to go out of a boat trip before we saw any whales. I`m looking forward to seeing more photos. :o)

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  7. The pics of this area and Cape Flattery are so wonderful. I loved the trail. So sorry you were having trouble with your knee and could not continue on. I am more determined than ever since I have saw both your entries on this area to go back and go past Port Angeles and go up to the summit as you have done. Thank you for sharing your journeys and the magnificent photos you take. I really loved that country and now I would like to journey further past Port Angeles thanks to you and your wonderful travel blog. We stayed in the motel beside Albertsons, we were told not to stay there by the travel information centre so we went and looked at the ones they suggested which were not very nice and we stayed there instead they gave so many free samples, things for breakfast, microwave and fridge and free deodorant soap and travel kits, for half the price the other place charged. The view from there was really nice also.

  8. Linda, a lot of great pictures, what a nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing, Bill

  9. what a beautiful state you have there

  10. Oh how Pretty! sorry your knee was not cooperating.. :( Bob took great pictures to share for you... and wow even a whale! :)

  11. Great pictures. I love those trails. Sorry about your knee.

    When I enlarge the picture I don't know how to make it smaller again, so I have to go back to the top and scroll down to continue to read. D

  12. That looks like quite the trails. I know my worthless feet couldn't have made the trek. Beautiful photographs as usual. Thanks for taking us along.
    Barb *queenb


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