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I’m almost sure most folks have heard of the movie and books of “Twilight.”  Well, while we were in the area we headed for the little (3,120 people lived there in 2000)  town of Forks, WA where “Twilight” takes place. 

For many years, the city's economy was fueled by the local timber  industry. With recent declines in the industry, however, Forks has had to rely on the nearby Clallam Bay Correctional Center and Olympic Corrections Center as a source of jobs. Forks is a popular destination for sportsmen who fish for salmon and rainbow trout in nearby rivers.

But since “Twilight” came out, the streets and shops of Forks has been teaming with people from all over the world.  We noticed that all the motels had their “No Vacancy” signs lit ~ a great boost for their economy.  I had a couple destinations in mind to gather some “Twilight” memorabilia.   The shop “Dazzled by Twilight” had a penny squishing machine……so that’s where I headed first. Also the towns of Port Angeles and La Push are featured in the “Twilight” stories and in the movie.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200957

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200955

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200958

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200959

After we left Forks, we headed for the Native American community of La Push.  La Push is on Washington’s coast and the home of Jacob. 

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200988

I saw this sign in a store there.   This store is also where I had an interesting conversation with two teenage girls from New York.  Yes, the dad of one of the girls had brought them out here to experience “Twilight.”

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200962

This bulletin board was on the huge porch of the store in La Push.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200963

The ocean beach at La Push.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200964

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200965

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Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200977

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Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 200987

In Port Angeles I was able to photograph a few “Twilight” sites.  This Port Angeles “Dazzled by Twilight” store was much bigger than the one in Forks.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009163

This Italian restaurant in Port Angeles is where Edward took Bella on their first date.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009164

And the now empty Gottschalk’s department store is where Bella and the other girls went to buy their prom dresses.  There’s one window with this display and the rest of the store is empty.

Around the loop  august 17 thru 22 2009156

This “Twilight” adventure was interesting for me, as I had not read the books or seen the movie.  After we returned home, I watched the movie and all that we saw…made sense.


To be continued;  Hurricane Ridge


  1. Glad they are capitalizing on the publicity a bit :o)

  2. Oh Linda, recuperating from what happened to me in January, my near teen grandaughter had, of course, fallen in love with the story of Twightlight....she is an avid reader and her Mom went out and bought all the books..well, I was sort of immobile and reading was what I could do so I read one story after the other and boy, they are really good books...I hope she comes out with Book six your pictures especially the beach driftwood..just gorgeous...

  3. I have loved all the Twilight novels of course! And the film. I had not idea that Forks was a real town or that any of these places were real! How wonderful that you could show this to us! Thanks so much Linda!!

  4. I still think this is so cool that you got to see all the places Twilight was made.... and how much you enjoyed it not having read the books or seen the movie.... :)

  5. Loved the shots and the post.

  6. beautiful area! I had read somewhere else about how popular that area was now because of the Twlight series; it is nice they could capture some of the excitement over the book series/movie(s) and help their failing economy; too cute about the teens coming out with dad to "experience Twlight"; not sure I would go that far, LOL

    bet one of the highlights of your trip was the squished penny :)

    and I have let to read the series or see the movie; I hear it is hard to put down (the book)

    enjoy the day


  7. Seems like a lot of quaint places. I love to just get in the car and go places with no real destination in mind.


  8. Amazing that the movie revitalized the town so much - good for them. I hope it continues for them. I've heard of Twilight but haven't seen the movie or read the book.

  9. The beach at La Push is so pretty! Didn't it bug you that they kept showing the Columbia River Gorge as being right next to Forks?! Made me crazy.

  10. Cool! We have it on our must see list some day!

  11. I've not seen the movie or read the books so it doesn't make sense to me either Linda! Lol! Maybe I'll put the books on my to read list! Thanks for the tour, there's some beautiful scenery there. I'm glad they're making some money out of the trade being generated. Jeannette xx


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