Thursday, September 3, 2009

Virginia City, Nevada

(June 4, 2009) We got into Virginia City, NV late in the afternoon. We got a spot in the Virginia City RV park overlooking Boot Hill.

May June 2009 vacation472

It was dinner time by the time we got settled so we went into town (just a few blocks) and got some dinner. We ate at the Chinese Restaurant there and I have to say, it was probably the worst Chinese meal we’ve ever had. They people working there were all very nice but oh my…..the food was just awful. We were going to walk around some more but the wind picked up and a heavy rain followed to we beat it back to the camper and settled in for the night.

I have to say this campground had the nicest shower facilities we have ever encountered. It was just like being at home. They had 6 shower rooms, all were sparkling clean, decorated nicely, each room had pegs for hanging clothes, towels etc. each room had a large bench to sit on, electrical outlets for a hair dryer and each had a toilet and washbowl. I could write a whole Blog entry on campground showers & bathrooms. Some are deplorable !!!! This one gets an A+. I wrote a review on their website and we also called them after we got home to tell them how we appreciated their accommodations.

Friday morning, we checked out of the campground and drove into town to explore. We’ve been here before but Virginia City is such a neat little town. There’s board sidewalks and you never know what you’ll see. This particular weekend they were celebrating their 150th Anniversary. We were wishing we could stick around and enjoy all the events but after a few hours we needed to move on.

May June 2009 vacation486

May June 2009 vacation471

When we were last here, there was a fund raising drive going on to restore the steeple and front of the St Mary In The Mountains Catholic Church. I was happy to see that they apparently reached their goal and the work was in progress. This beautiful church dates back to 1875.

May June 2009 vacation473

May June 2009 vacation469

You can pan for gold..

May June 2009 vacation474

May June 2009 vacation475

May June 2009 vacation488

Didn’t every western town have a Bucket of Blood Saloon?

May June 2009 vacation476

This place was so neat! Down this alley were all kinds of shops, the one on the right was a consignment shop with some of the neatest stuff I’ve ever seen. Lots of antiques and stuff from the 1950’s.

May June 2009 vacation478

The Suicide Table (a Faro table) is located in the Delta Saloon. It’s reported that back in the 1800’s former owner Black Jake shot himself at the table, after loosing his entire life savings in one evening.

May June 2009 vacation480

I think every old west town has a Ponderosa Saloon too. From this saloon you can take an underground mine tour. We did that last time we were here. It was very interesting and it gave me a new respect for miners.

May June 2009 vacation484

The walk in vault inside the Ponderosa

May June 2009 vacation483

Two cowboys (or bank robbers) in town, hanging out and having a beer.

May June 2009 vacation489

An old ore car at the end of a parking lot. As you can see it’s actually sitting on a little piece of track.

May June 2009 vacation490

The Silver Queen Hotel and Wedding Chapel is the home of this unusual wall hanging. The Silver Queen’s dress contains 3,261 silver dollars and her belt contains 28 twenty dollar gold pieces. This picture is a tribute to Virginia City’s once great silver mining industry.

May June 2009 vacation492

As I mentioned earlier, this was the weekend of their 150th anniversary celebration so there were lots of folks in different outfits from the past.

May June 2009 vacation493

May June 2009 vacation494

These cow pokes were coming into town after months out on the range (I think).

May June 2009 vacation501

Leaving Virginia City, heading down into the Carson City area, the road is narrow and slow going.

May June 2009 vacation505

Our next stop was at the home of Bob’s 91 year old Aunt Helen and her two son’s and grandson, just outside Carson City. All the guys were away, so we went to visit her and spend the night so she wouldn’t have to be home alone. She was so glad to see us and I think relieved because her grandson has two dogs that needed fed and exercised and it would have been difficult for her.

Bob and his Aunt Helen looking at old pictures.

May June 2009 vacation509

Bob out exercising Roxy & Tucker. They are a handful !!!! But sooooo sweet!

May June 2009 vacation507

Aunt Helen’s grandson came home early the next morning. He plays in a band and they had a gig in Reno so he got home as soon as he could. Bob’s cousin Andy was in southern California making the rounds of places that sell his Jerky. And his cousin Ian was over in Truckee, CA taking his turn at their caboose where they sell the jerky and Ian’s beautiful candles.

(June 6, 2009) About 11:30am we hugged Aunt Helen goodbye and headed out for Truckee. It was a miserable drive around Lake Tahoe, foggy and raining….couldn’t even really see the lake. I was really disappointed at the weather.

This was the best view of Lake Tahoe I could get.

May June 2009 vacation510

But we finally got to Truckee and found the caboose and Ian.

May June 2009 vacation511

After a nice dinner at the Italian place just to the right of the caboose, we went over to the apartment that the guys use while they’re in Truckee and visited with Ian until the wee hours. When we left him, we came back to this parking lot and spent the night in front of the caboose. The next morning we were up and ready to hit the road about 8:30am. We did drive down thru Truckee but there wasn’t much open.

May June 2009 vacation515

I love it that this old Flying A station has been restored and is being used.

May June 2009 vacation514

May June 2009 vacation516

May June 2009 vacation517

After driving thru town we were back on the freeway heading for Susanville, CA.


  1. some great pics here.
    you sure do travel alot

  2. I've been there and it's neat. I like the idea of panning for gold.


  3. What wonderful shots, looks like a fun place to visit. I would love that dress.

  4. I'm glad to hear that church in Virginia City is being restored and things are going well with it; I remember visiting it probably about 12 years ago and it was so very pretty in there

    great pictures and commentary, Linda :)


  5. ((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))Beatiful.I love History,so does my Gary.Is Virgina City,the same as Virgina Maryland?I think its neat how some places can have the same names.Have a nice eekend.

  6. So much to see and do ~ I love Virginia City and think I would enjoy spending some time there. It looks like my kind of town!! Bob's aunt looks in great shape for 91. I bet she was happy to have some help with the pups. Awesome pictures & excellent commentary. I think you should do an entry about showers, I would love to read it.

  7. Hi, Linda! One of these days you will have to travel down to Seatac for a visit with me! I thoroughly enjoyed your review of Virginia City. What a fun town. Maria

  8. Look like a beautiful towh. I love the old west and the church. That mountain view is georgous too! You like you love your travel. Good for you! My folk had a motor home back in the 90's and they went everywhere but Hawaii and Alaska. Have a great weekend Linda and thanks for showing off your photos. >>HUGS2U<< Nancy

  9. It seems people out there are more in touch with their past and traditions than one would think. An old Flying A being restored and in business. That's impressive. DB

  10. I love the photos and descriptions. The old west is fascinating. I hope the Silver dollar dress was behind glass. I can just imagine people trying pick silver dollars off it. LOL How was the beef jerky. So nice that you got to stop off and see Bob's kin. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate at Lake Tahoe. Happy trails!
    Hugs, Barb

  11. Dear Linda,
    You are such an inspiration to me with all the great photos you take on your trips.
    I asked hubby if I could maybe buy my own camera as I would like to make my travel blogs on Good Sam and here more informative.
    We love Virgina City...had a great time there a couple of years ago..Only problem the uneven walkways pose some difficulty with sure footing.


    ALBERTA Lori

  12. PS for some reason my photo comes up as dots..not sure why???????????

  13. Virginia City was a regular vacation site back in my teens and Bill grew up camping at Lake Tahoe every summer with his family.... :)


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