Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heading South Once Again

We left here about noon on Monday May 11th. The day after Mother’s Day.  My son’s girlfriend had given me these beautiful roses and I struggled over leaving them behind.  So I hung three of them upside down to dry, sent seven of them home with my grand daughter & son in law for my daughter to enjoy and put these two in water in an old Taco Bell cup and they went along with us.

May June 2009 vacation6

Our goal was to reach southern Oregon this first night on the trail.  We stopped only a couple times, once for gas and another time in a rest area to fix lunch.  At this rest area we saw what we thought was a chain of Toyota’s.  After checking it out, it was actually two sets of Toyota’s towing another one.

 May June 2009 vacation9

Finally we arrived in Canyonville, Oregon and the beautiful Seven Feather’s Casino.

May June 2009 vacation12

We had a wonderful dinner there and slept back in a corner of their parking lot.

The next morning we continued south and soon came to Medford, Oregon.  Lot’s of us get those  ‘Harry & David’ catalogs in the mail just before the holidays…….well this is their beautiful store.   So many goodies in there.  I bought some fresh apricots, and some of their ‘Moose Munch’ for snacking on while we were driving.  

May June 2009 vacation13

May June 2009 vacation14

We crossed into California about 1pm that second day.  We are always anxious to see the condition of Mt Shasta in northern California and she didn’t disappoint us on this trip.  She was beautiful !

May June 2009 vacation18

May June 2009 vacation20

May June 2009 vacation21 

Lake Shasta was looking pretty good too. Sometimes it’s very low but I’d say the water level was better than we’ve seen it in the past.  If you look on a map & check out northern California~it’s a huge lake.

May June 2009 vacation24 

Our second night on the trail found us at Woodson Bridge State Park, about 6 miles east of Corning, California.  Corning is all about olives. There’s olive trees everywhere you look and all sorts of shops that feature olive products.  (Rows of olive trees in the picture below.)

May June 2009 vacation32


Our site was surrounded by beautiful trees.  The campground was clean & well cared for. The only problem was the shower.  In California you have to have a handful of quarters to get the showers going.  It’s usually 50 cents for the first seven minutes and then more quarters if you want or need more time.  I went in and inserted five quarters and only got ice cold water.  I always take my cell phone with me, so I called Bob and he went to the camp host (which thankfully was next to the shower building) and soon warm water flowed freely.  The host was so apologetic , stating that they’d been having problems with the hot water system in the park. May June 2009 vacation29

By Tuesday evening I was getting excited because~ the next day we’d be rolling into Fresno and Linda Reynolds's house.  

In our first two days we had only covered 634.4 miles , just a little more than half way to Pasadena, CA. 


  1. Hi Linda, That mountain is beautiful! I love the rugged mountain scenery you have over there. I can imagine how excited you were about meeting up with Linda, she sounds such a lovely friendly person. Pity you never got to steal her flowers though! Lol! Jeannette xx

  2. Great picture of Mount Shasta! I've never been up that way, but I'd like to see ot one day. By the way, thanks for the postcard you sent me. I've been meaning to tell you that for a while but Old Timer's disease doesn't let me.


  3. Loved the pictures and Mt Shasta is wonderful. I would love to see it sometime.

  4. great pics of your trip, did that one sign say quick sand?

  5. Linda, you have a talent for taking pictures and providing an interesting review or comments on your trips. You should be able to use that talent commercially. Not sure how to go about it but you ought to try it.
    Thanks for sharing. Bill

  6. I agree-that mountain pic was outstanding.Glad you're having such a wonderful time.

  7. Parts of this country are SO pretty. Thanx for the trip. I'll be waiting to see more.

  8. I enjoy seeing your trip. I'll have to blog ours as well.

  9. Linda thanks for all the pictures and the commentary that goes with them ~ the scenery is so beautiful ~ I loved your Roses :o) ~ Ally x

  10. years ago when we lived in Medford, I toured Harry/Davids; it was such an awesome tour to see how they did things

    loved your pictures; it was like I was driving down Highway 5 with you; Mt. Shasta is always sooo neat to drive by!


  11. I always feel like I'm tagging along when I read about your travels. As Just Bill says, you have a way of really bringing your readers along.
    And you DO take really good photos.
    Hugs, Barb

  12. Awwwww MOOSE MUNCH! Beautiful scenery!

  13. Mount Shasta and the Lake is beautiful Linda, you always bring to life by your words and photos a journey for me also. I have travelled these roads also and always am so very happy to relive the memories as I read your very well written entries. Thank you from my heart.


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